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On the 29th of April 2014, The famous actor Bob Hoskins passed away. He starred in several movies and one of them was Who framed Roger Rabbit. There he portrayed the famous toon detective Eddie Valiant. Rest in peace Bob, you'll be missed! :(
Hello all members and watchers! :iconfuturedisneyartists: is currently organizing a Disney Secret Santa to celebrate Christmas and the Disney universe. The tradition of Secret Santas is to give and to receive a gift in exchange, in which the person receiving the gift doesn't know who the giver is going to be.
More information about the secret santa can be found here:

On a side note, this group now has over 200 members! Thank you so much for every join, watch and pageview, you rock! :iconjessicarabbitplz:
Jessica-fans has now reached 100 members! :w00t:
I never thought this group would grow so quickly when I first decided to create it, thank you everyone! :heart: :iconjessicarabbitplz: :heart:
Hello everyone! After some more research and comments from our members it turns out the other group for Jessica had their last activity in 2011.
So that means that this group will be up and running, thanks alot for your support my friends. You rock! :iconjessicarabbitplz:
Hey there everyone! I recently started this group, and after a day or so, when cruising through devart, I noticed this really large fangroup for Jessica Rabbit :iconi-m-not-bad:
I don't understand how I could have missed it when browsing groups, but it didn't show up when I searched for Jessica Rabbit. :shrug:
Anyways, maybe I should close this group since there's already a large fanclub for her?
I just wanted to thank everyone that joined or watched the group and submitted art here, you're the best! :)

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